Monday, March 28, 2011

The Power of Prayer

In my last two blogs, I have asked my (few) readers to pray for Tesney and Greg Davis and for their adoption of Kirill from Russia. Those of you who know me personally, or just know me well, may be wondering about that request. Or felt uncomfortable with it.

You see, unlike Tesney and Greg, and many of their supporters, I am not a Christian. And neither are many of my friends. Some of my closest friends are Buddhists, others are agnostic or atheist, and still others are Jewish or Muslim.

I'm stepping way out of my comfort zone revealing this. This kind of confession has left me shunned and ostracized in the past. In some social circles, not being a Christian is simply unacceptable, and if you don't go to the right church, let alone any church at all, you are not worth knowing. End of story.

For this cause, for Tesney and Greg, I am willing to step out on that shaky limb. It is vitally important that we reach out to everyone, no matter their faith. We cannot let differences in what we call prayer, or what religion we follow, to build a wall in our hearts that blinds us to the needs of our fellow human beings. I truly believe that the more we can bring Tesney and Greg's family into the collective consciousness, the better the chances of Kirill coming home.

Personally? I pray. I also meditate, and focus positive thoughts wherever they're needed. I have witnessed the power of many minds and hearts concentrated on a single hope. I don't care how you do it, or who you address it to. Call it prayer, call it something else. Call your higher power God, Allah, Yahweh, Jehovah, Vishnu, your ancestors, or the Great Spirit. But get to it, and keep on doing it. These are important moments, moments that bring us closer to our enormous human family.

Here are a few things you could focus on:
  1. The judge in this case. Another family from the US is scheduled to go before her on Thursday, hoping to have their adoption of a little girl Down syndrome approved, and another friend of mine is awaiting a court date with the same judge. This judge's mind and heart need to be opened to the idea that all people have value, even those with disabilities, and that a loving family is infinitely better for any human being than an orphanage or institution.

  2. All the families who are hoping to bring home children with disabilities from this region of Russia. The waiting and wondering must be agonizing! They need strength, hope and faith to stay on this difficult path. Our love can lift them up.

  3. Send some thoughts to the children in orphanages everywhere. They are in need of good care, nourishing food, and open hearts.

  4. Are you a visual person? Need something to focus on while you open yourself up? This picture of a mother's love should do the trick. Get busy, people.


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